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My Top-Rated Products

Hey Dolls!!

This is my first blog and I wasn't really sure what I should write about but after thinking for a little bit I decided I would write about my favorite products.  I get my hair and make-up products from everywhere, including drugstores, Ulta, Sephora and Sally's Beauty Supply. I've decided that it would be easiest to start with categories and then list the products i use underneath.  So here it goes:


Eyeshadow: I am a huuuuge fan of Josie Maran's make-up line and absolutely ADORE her eyeshadow quad. All of her products are infused with Argan Oil, which is SUPER good for your skin as it is a totally organic moisturizing oil. The quad I use almost daily is her bronzed smokey eye quad. The colors in it are: Partagas, Cloak, Valencia and Cinnamon. They all compliment one another beautifully and goes on sooo silky smooth. I never have any creasing and this shadow has excellent staying power. It's a little pricey but, in my opinion, it's worth it. I paid $32 at Sephora but before you start screaming let me tell you this: It doesn't take a lot to achieve the look and color you are going for so the product WILL LAST! The pigments in her eyeshadows are of the highest quality so a little goes a looong way. For a more reasonably priced eyeshadow

I also like Stila's Fabulous In Fiji travel palette no.5. It comes with 4 eyeshadows and a dual lip/cheek cream. The colors in this palette compliments my eyes really well, which was the only reason I bought it. The eyeshadows range from a light metallic silver, powder blue, cobalt blue and a light kiwi green and the lip/cheek cream is a plumeria colored cream. I personally was frightened when I first saw the colors for the eyeshadows but when I applied it I fell in love. Again, this is another highly pigmented eyeshadow quad so a little works wonders. The lip/cheek cream is also a pretty color and I love using it on both my lips and cheeks. It gives me a nice flushed look on my cheeks and my lips have a little more than natural lip color to them. Nothing too drastic, which I like. All of the products in this travel palette go on really nicely and stay on all day/night so I really feel like it was money well spent. I purchased this product at Sephora for $10 (which I was ecstatic about!).

For a drugstore brand (because I loove buying make-up at drugstores!) I prefer Neutrogena's Nourishing Eye Quad in Moonlit Violet. The colors are gorgeous and all compliment each other so it's ok to either mix them together or wear them separately. They are easy to apply, especially because on the back of the compact, there's an instructional guide that tells you how to apply the colors and if you peel back the label it also gives you instructions on how to create a natural, casual and smoky eye look. I love when make-up includes some kind of instructional "how-to" with it because it really does help to have a little guide for some of us gals that aren't professionals yet.  

Mascara: I am currently using two different brands of mascara (and yes, I apply both at the same time). The first is Maybelline Volum' Express One By One. This is probably one of my new favorite mascaras. It goes on nice and smooth and doesn't clump or flake. It curls my lashes and really makes them long. It has a brush that has a mixture of long and short bristles which help to grab your lashes from the root and extend it out as far as it can go. And it literally lives up to its name by grabbing "one by one"! This mascara was $7.99 at Ulta and trust me, it was worth every penny!

The next mascara that I am a big fan of is Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt. The applicator on this mascara is more of a comb-like brush. I find that this one really volumizes my lashes and makes them big and well, flirty! Because of the shape of the applicator comb, I am able to apply mascara in such a way to the very end of my lashes that they make my eyes look like bedroom eyes. Like the One By One, this mascara doesn't clump or flake and they both stay on all day without smudging or leaving me with raccoon eyes. This mascara was $7.29 at Ulta. I get a ton of compliments on my lashes and I believe it has a lot to do with both of these mascaras. 

Eyeliner: I prefer two kinds of eyeliner: white and black. For the white eyeliner, the brand I find works really well is NYX Slim Eye Pencil. It is super easy to apply and not only does it stay on all day without budging but the pencil itself seems to last forever! I bought one about 7 months ago now and it's still in my make-up bag and I'm still using it! It's only $3.49 at Ulta so I definitely feel I got my money's worth with this one! NYX has a wide array of eye liner colors to choose from so everyone can definitely find a color that suites their mood.

For a black liner I prefer Covergirl Liquiline Blast. This liner goes on ultra smooth and the color is amazing. It doesn't budge either which is something I love about it as well. On the opposite end of the pencil itself is a smudger which comes in handy when I want to create a smoky eye or just blend my liner in better. This liner was $7.99 at any drugstore or Ulta and once again, I feel is worth every penny.

For a liquid liner, which I don't use too often but when I do I like Covergirl Line Exact Liquid Liner Pen. It's easy for me to use because unlike other liquid liners, this one has a felt tip that holds the color and I find it to be more convenient and less messy. All you have to do is shake the pen and apply! It's that simple! The color I chose is a smoky gray and it comes out amazing when I apply it. Since it's a liquid and obviously dries, it stays on till I take it off at night, which I love. And there is no smudging if I rub my eye during the day. I bought this for $7.99 at CVS.

Foundation: With foundation, my new favorite is Almay Smart Shade Make-up. I bought it in the light/medium color and it truly did match my skin tone exactly! It goes on so silky smooth and leaves my skin feeling supple and gives me a dewy complexion. It also has SPF 15 in it so it helps to protect my skin. When I wear this foundation, I literally feel like I have no make-up on. This was my first purchase as far as liquid foundations goes and I am soo happy that I chose to buy this one! I paid $13.99 at CVS for this but definitely did NOT have buyer's remorse after!

For a powder foundation I love Bare Escentuals All-Over Face Color. I usually buy this in Medium and Light. A lot of people don't like mineral make-up but I adore it and have been a Bare Escentuals regular for quite a few years now. Both colors blend well together to give me the perfect match and they make my skin look even and flawless. They both have great staying power, which is important to me in a foundation, especially since it's a powder foundation. This product goes for $22 at Ulta or Sephora but is definitely worth buying because you get a really decent sized tin of it. And like a lot of the products I've mentioned, you don't need to use a lot of it so it definitely lasts a long time.

Concealer: I have been using Maybelline Super Stay Concealer for the past 2 years and I love it! It truly does stay on allll day and night and conceals better than almost every concealer I've tried yet. It comes in a good amount of colors so everyone can find one that work for them. I buy the Cream color and it matches my skin perfectly, hiding any blemish or imperfection that needs covering. And it's a good price too, $6.99 at CVS.

I also like Tarte Dark Circle Defense. This is thicker than regular concealer but truly lives up to its name in my eyes. It came with a concealer brush, which I've never owned before and now I absolutely love it and can't figure out why I never purchased one in the past. It really makes applying the concealer a breeze. I chose the light/medium colored concealer and it blends perfectly with my skin tone. It does a great job of covering the circles under my eyes and also makes my eyes look more awake too. I paid $32.00 for this at Ulta but didn't feel it was overpriced since it did come with the concealer brush.

Highlighters: I use this highlighter underneath my eyes and that is Maybelline Cover Stick. I buy it in the White stick and it really gives me the "wide-awake" look. I swipe a little under my eyes after I apply the Dark Circle Defense and again after I apply my foundation (because the way I do my routine, concealer goes on first then foundation). This stick goes for $5.99 at any drugstore.  

I also like Lorac Double Feature, which is a concealer and highlighter together in one applicator. (one end is the concealer and one end is the highlighter) I bought it mostly for the highlighter because it's a shimmery flesh toned color. It blends effortlessly into my skin and gives me a perfect highlight where ever I need it. I have tried the concealer before and it's a good concealer. The color was a little too light for my liking but that's because I wanted the highlighter to be light. The best part about the concealer part is when you pull the cap off there is a separate rollerball applicator that really helps to blend the concealer in perfectly. I use the rollerball more than I do the concealer. This was $25.00 at Ulta but since it's a 2 in 1 product, it's well worth it.

The last highlighter that I am obsessed with is Benefit HighBeam. This is a pinky-irridescent colored highlighter that is perfect for your brow bone or cheeks. It goes on and blends soo easily and effortlessly. I can't imagine not having this product anymore. I first received it as a sample in a Benefit sample kit (Finding Mr. Bright from Ulta) and loved it soo much that I ran back to buy the full-sized version when it ran out. It was $24 but you get a good sized bottle that in my opinion, will last awhile because you don't need to use much when you apply it.

Blush: The only blush I use anymore is Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in Crush. This is hands-down the BEST blush ever!! I used to be scared to use tint blushes because I thought they would be hard to apply and look funny but this product proved I was wrong. I swirl my finger over the top of the tint and pat it onto my face. At first the color in the compact looked like a clown color pink and I was almost sorry I bought it but when I put it on it gave my cheeks a natural flush look, like I had been working out or running for awhile. You can build the color to be as light or dark as you want which I love. And it gives my cheeks a nice dewy look to them unlike powder blushes that can sometimes look cakey if you over-apply. This blush was $24 at Ulta but I love it and will continue buying it!

Finishing Powder: The finishing powder I use daily is Bare Escentuals Brightening Gold Mineral Veil. It has tiny gold flakes in it that give my skin a beautiful glow.  Like all Bare Escentuals products, it goes on easy and stays all day. This product really sets my make-up in all day and really completes my look. I can't imagine not using Mineral Veil. I used to have the classic Mineral Veil but decided to go out on a limb when I bought this Brightening Gold version. I couldn't be happier! It was $24 at Sephora and I already have my 2nd order on its way.  And for the record, I've had the first one for 8 months now, so that goes to show you how long it lasts.

The other finishing powder I love is Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder. This is another quality product from Stila. I bought this powder in two colors: Rose Gold (which is a light, shimmery pink color) and Bronze (which is a shimmery bronze color). I wear the Bronze in the summer and spring and the Rose Gold in the fall and winter. They are like the Bare Escentuals products, easy to apply and stay on till I take it off. I paid $32 a piece for them (I know, it's a little pricey but they are really nice sized tins and I've had them both for almost a year now with plenty more to go!).

And now, my favorite!!!! 

Bronzer: My first bronzer is one I've been using for 3 years now. I use Bare Escentuals All-Over Face Color in Faux Tan. This is a matte bronzer and is one of the few bronzers that is a true TAN color not an orangey oompa loompa color. Just like the foundation I mentioned above, it goes on well, blends easily and stays all day/night. I use this on my face, neck and sometimes even my shoulders to blend in any gross tan lines. I could continue raving about this product for days and days but I won't. lol This is the same price as the foundation I mentioned above ($22 for those of you who don't remember and don't feel like scrolling back up... =) and let me tell you girls, it's worth EVERY PENNY!!!

The other bronzer that has become my second favorite is Tarte Mineral Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess. This is a gorgeous colored bronzer that is pretty much the same exact color as the Bare Escentuals but the only difference is this also has a shimmer to it. I love how it feels when I apply it to my face. And it leaves my skin looking luminous and tanned. It stays on well and isn't messy to apply (which some people think Bare Escentuals is because it's a loose powder). It comes in a cute compact too that looks like faux crocodile. This bronzer was $29 at Sephora but girls, trust me, it's worth the extra buck! And once again, remember: A LITTLE GOES A LOOOOOONG WAY!!!!! I absolutely love bronzer and have tried pretty much any and every one and these two are my absolute favorites!! 

Well I hope this didn't bore you to death and you actually enjoyed reading it! Hey, who knows, maybe one of you might actually go out and buy one of these products I mentioned! If anyone does or has already tried any of them, I'd love your feedback on what you think of them.

Thanks for reading this dolls!!!  

Lisa =)

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Love this Lee!!!! It must have taken you forever to do, but its great and you covered everything!!! love ya

by kellabella 3 years ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment


by aly7 3 years, 1 month ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

I LOVE her gloss. I received a full-sized sample of it in the kit I got from her. The color I got is Optimism and it's a gorgeous natural flesh-tone colored gloss with just the right amount of shimmer in it, which I think gives you a more sophisticated and chic look. It's also not too sticky or thick and I feel it stays on pretty well without having to be reapplied often. The color you are getting is one I want to try too so when you get it, let me know how it is! I'm glad you liked this post!! Thank you for reading it! When I was finished and realized how long it was I thought it might be a little boring..lol..and as soon as you mentioned lipgloss, I realized I forgot to include lipgloss and lipstick on the list!! lol thanks for the reminder!! Since I'm also obsessed with lipgloss, I think I'll make another blog strictly about that. 

by lisa2683 3 years, 1 month ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

Great! Love the post...love how you covered everything. Also, I am getting the Josie Maran Argan Lip Gloss in Precious in a Sephora Kit. Have you tried the gloss and what did you think?? I ahve never tried JOsie Maran

by aly7 3 years, 1 month ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

FYI: The Hair Products part is coming soon!!!  

by lisa2683 3 years, 1 month ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

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