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So I got the Tria for christmas, although I started using it in November. (I was way too excited) I'm now halfway through the laser hair removal treatments. I am starting to notice less hair on my legs, armpits and bikini line. It seems to be coming in much slower too. I'm so excited about this! Really hope it works, from the looks of it, it is. I have 2 more treatments for the month of Feb, then a treatment in March, April, and May, and I should then be hairless! So excited!! Just in time for bikini season!

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This weekend was my my 11th treatment. I've been using the Tria since November, and am so very close to being hairless! I have one more touch up treatment after this, in July, then Hopefully I will be pretty much done. I hardly shaved all month in order to get a good idea of where I need to do most of the touching up. After going about 2 weeks without shaving I shaved my legs and was pleasantly surprised to see that virtually no hair was on my razor after shaving the top half of my legs. My legs were feeling pretty smooth, especially for not having shaved for two weeks! The bottom half of my legs felt a bit hairy on the inner sides of my legs but the outer sides are feeling pretty smooth as well. My under arms still need a few more touch ups. The hair is not coming in as thick but there are still quite a few hairs coming in. My bikini line is looking really great. A few stray hairs are coming in as well but for the most part its looking pretty bare! I'm going to try to go all month this monthm, without shaving so I can see exactly where there is no hair and where I need to finish my touchups on in July. I'm so excited to see the end result and I'm so ready to be done with this whole process. Its a lot of work and had I known that to begin with, I may have passed on this, but I probably shouldn't say that until its done and my legs and underarms are completely hairless! Then I'm sure, I will be singing a different tune! It takes about one whole day + to do the treatment. I laser for about 30 minutes then the battery needs charging for about two and half hours until I can use it again. So I have to take a whole day out to do this on and off all day. I found it really annoying this time now that summer is here and I was trying to balance yard work all weekend while using the Tria. But, next month should pretty much be the last of the treatments so I can certainly handle one more round of treatments! Can't wait to see how it goes this month, and if my legs will be feeling completely smooth at the end of the month! Follow my Tria Journal here: http://mystylespot.blogspot.com/2011/04/tria-laser-hair-removal-review-journal.html

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Just completed my 6 months of treatments. I can see I'm going to need at least one more treatment, maybe two, which is pretty normal according to Tria's manual. I have patches of bald spots on my legs. The upper legs are pretty smooth and the top of my knees. The inside of my lower legs and bottom of my knees are still going to need some work. My armpits are still coming in a bit but there's a noticeable difference. My bikini line is the most dramatic change. There are a few hairs coming in but for the most part, it's looking pretty bare. I went the whole month without shaving to see the difference. I must say for a whole month of not shaving, things weren't looking too bad! I've got a few spots to focus on over the next month or too but I'm hoping to be hairless come July!

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Last week I completed my 2nd monthly treatment, for a total of 8 treatments now. One more to go and then it should just be touchups! I've noticed a dramatic change on my bikini line. There is hardly any hair growing back. I've gone without shaving it for the last month and hardly any hair is coming in. My underarms have showed a little improvement but after shaving a week ago its still coming in pretty thick, but not as thick as it would normally be at a week without shaving! My legs feel soft and smooth but I do see patches of hair coming in and some bald spots. According to the manual lighter hair takes longer. I have very light colored leg hair so I can see I might have a few more treatments left on my legs. I'm hoping the last treatment next month will nip most of the hair, but I'm guessing from the looks of it I'm going to have a least a couple more treatments to do!

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Started my first round of monthly treatments. I have two more monthly treatments to do after this, then it should just be touch ups and hopefully my legs will then be hairless! So excited to see the results! Can't wait for June!

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Finished up my third month of treatments. I now go from every other week to once a month. Hopefully just 3 more treatments but it could be a few more since my hair is lighter. Yay, on track for hairless legs for bikini season! Can't wait! My hair seems to be growing in less. I notice the biggest difference on my bikini line and armpits. I'm only shaving once every 2 weeks now, and its not really that noticeable, especially for being 2 weeks!

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Another round of laser treatments done. I'm up to level 5 (the highest_ and only experience a little pain around the bikini line, so I dropped it to a level 4 and it just stung a little but not bad at all. I am really starting to notice my hair is not coming in as thick, especially under my arms. I'm so excited to see the final results.

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Yeah its just for body right now. Too harsh for the face. I hardly feel it on my legs and armpits but its a little tense around the bikini line. I'm only half way through but I will certainly let the community know the results when I'm all finished! Really hoping for hairless legs!! 

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Awesome!  This sounds amazing. Can you only use it on the body. What about the face?

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