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HairShots - Fragrance for your hair

With so many products that women use to make them look and smell beautiful I wasn’t surprised to come across Hair Shots - the "heat activated" fragrances for your hair. That's right ladies - no more spritzing perfume or body spray in your hair! Hair Shots is specially formulated to make your locks smell delicious without disturbing the look or style of your hair.
Hair Shots was formally designed by women for teens/women who were athletic, worked out , were always on the go but still wanted to maintain the look and smell of clean hair. The "heat activation" in the formula means: the harder you work the more it works for you.

Hair Shots come in 7 "heat activated" scents:

Coconut Mango - sweet hawaiian fruit
Strawberry - sugared strawberry
Cupcake - sweet vanilla icing
Cotton Candy - candied sugar
Apple Pear - perfect mix of crisp apple and rippened pear
Watermelon - ripe juicy melon
Asian Green - jasmine and light citrus

I've been reviewing Hair Shots for more than 2 months now and I must say I'm very impressed by this product. All of the scents are fun and they don't have a synthetic smell to them. These scents not only help to mask the odor of sweat but also help diminish the harshness of: smoke (cigarettes), chlorine (from pools) and staleness (for hair pieces that you may have had stashed away).
Although Hair Shots does contain 'some' alcohol the percentage is small , so as not to dry your hair as some other alcohol based hair products would do. It's also safe to use on: permed hair, relaxed hair, natural hair, and synthetic/human braids and weaves.

During my trial period with Hair Shots I experimented with it in serveral differen ways. For a few weeks I sprayed it directly on my skin (hand) to make sure I wasn't sensitive to any of the contents in the formula. Then for a few weeks I also sprayed it directly on my clothes to see if it was harmful to any materials. Both times I did not have any negative effects or issues with the product - so I proceeded with my final trial.
During my last trial which also lasted a few weeks; I spritzed 2-3 sprays of Cupcake (one of my favorite of the 7 scents) to my hair (both natural and human weave) and each time after 12 hrs my hair still smelled good enough to eat. The scent wasn't too harsh but light and airy so it didn't over permiate the air like some body sprays or perfumes would do. My hair didn't dry out, nor did it disturb the style or leave any residue on my hair.

I'm a girly girl who loves to look and smell good from her head to her feet so Hair Shots is definitely a bonus for me. I have since added it into one of my daily routines leaving me looking and SMELLING good from my head to my toe.

Just a few words from those at Hair Shots say: "...sweat happens to even the prettiest heads of hair", and i'm sure many of you can attest to that.

Available @ http://hairshots.com for $11.00

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cool, thanks so much!

by aly7 3 years, 2 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

cool, thanks so much!

by aly7 3 years, 3 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

Asian Green smells really good. Here is a YouTube review I did on HairShots. You can check it out on there under AmourInfinity.

by BeautebyAmour 3 years, 3 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

oh, awesome! i have to get asian green!!

by aly7 3 years, 3 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

You can get them at http://hairshots.com and they are $11.00

by BeautebyAmour 3 years, 3 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

how much is this and where can i get it?

by aly7 3 years, 3 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

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