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My favorite beauty/makeup tips

Hey! I've finally decided to post my favorite beauty tips since I've been listening and finding them religiously for about two years now. These are mainly for teenagers, but there's definitely some tips that adults can use too.


--Wash your face twice at night if you wear any face makeup at all (this includes concealer, foundation, powder, etc. even tinted moisturizer)

--Try not to use too much foundation if you have acne. Believe me, I know the situation. You've got a bunch of acne you wanna cover up so you apply concealer, a full-coverage foundation, and powder. Not a good idea. I still have moderate acne, and I use 2 things: All-Over Cover Stick concealer from ELF and Simply Powder foundation from Covergirl.

--Use foundation for your skin type. That means powder or liquid-to-powder foundation for oily skin and liquid for dry skin.

--Apply concealer by patting it into your skin, not rubbing. Rubbing will make the spot redder than it was before, and it was make the concealer be less pigmented on your skin.

--A very common rule, but I must repeat it: you can either go super fun with eyeshadow and all that, or super fun with lip color. Never both, because it will look hectic. A clownish.

--Try Vaseline or any petroleum jelly for removing eye makeup. I love it!

--To make eyeliner on your waterline stay put, first use a tissue or q-tip to soak up the water. Then apply the eyeliner and top with a powder eyeshadow of the same color. The powder will soak up any water from your eye, preventing the water from removing the eyeliner.

--Try watching YouTube beauty gurus for help. My favorite is a 17-year-old girl named Blair Fowler. Her account is called juicystar07, and you can reach it at http://youtube.com/juicystar07. She is very accomplished, being the youngest makeup artist at the IMATS. She attended in Los Angeles, I think. You can also visit her sister Elle's account at http://youtube.com/allthatglitters21. Elle is now 22-years old I believe. Visit Blair's page if you want info about brown hair, brown eyes, or oily skin, and Elle's if you want info about blonde hair, blue eyes, and dry skin. Both girls have great tips!

--Use powder instead of a pencil to fill in your brows. It looks more natural.

--Purple is a great color to use in place of black or brown liner. It gives a little pop of color without being too bright.

--Don't think you need to get all your makeup high-end from stores like Sephora. My favorite products are from Ulta and Avon catalogues.

--Your makeup will never look as good as it could unless you smile!!!!!That sounds super cheesy, and believe me I hate being told lame, cheesy things like that, but it is true. Without smiling, my makeup is fine but I look just blahh. Hahaha it sounds weird how I try to describe it, but it's true!

--To add to the cheesiness: your makeup and look isn't anything if you're not a good person on the inside too. Do you ever see pictures of celebrities where they are naturally just gorgeous and they have fantastic makeup and a beautiful dress, but they somehow just don't shine as much as that celebrity that you know is a great, happy person, even if their look is just mediocre or average? It just naturally enhances your beauty.

--To get your lips soft when they're really chapped, I have 2 great solutions: 1. drink lots of water! At first I thought that wasn't really true so I didn't bother with too much water. But those days I had a really bad cough and drank a lot of water (to relieve my irritated throat), I had the smoothest, softest lips! It was incredible. 2. Before or after you brush your teeth, or any time really, take a toothbrush and wet your lips then scrub your lips. Wipe off your lips and repeat. Then put lotion on your lips. Sounds crazy and insane. But it's great. Rub lotion into your lips then top with either a lip balm like my personal favorite, Rose Salve from Bath & Body Works, or just plain old Vaseline. I do this every night and my lips have definitely improved!

--You need to know what Vaseline actually does: protect the skin. So don't expect much from putting it on your lips. They won't get any worse, but they won't get any better either. I suggest putting it over lotion on your lips to keep anything from disturbing your lips from soaking up the lotion. It is soothing, though, so if you have nothing else, use it on your lips to keep it from getting worse and to soothe the pain if your lips are cracked.


I feel like I have more to say, but I just can't seem to think of anything else. I don't know why. I guess I'll just update if I think of anything else.

Byebye!! *wave*


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All of these are REALLY awesome tips. :) I personally think that washing my face twice at night has helped my skin a lot--I use makeup removing wipes, and then bar soap. I need both types of cleansing to get EVERYTHING off. Thanks for posting!

by LipglossandSpandex 3 years ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

Great tips Alissa! You sound like a total beauty expert. And I completely agree about being a good person on the inside too, your celeb example is so true, it doesn't matter how pretty you are, you won't have that happy aura if you're not nice on the inside.

by scarrillo 3 years, 5 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

WOW Alissa this is awesome! I also love using Vaseline for removing eye makeup. Works like a dream for tough to remove eyeliners.  

by annatotalbeauty 3 years, 5 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

I like it!  Drink lots of water and always always always use SPF!

by www.KeepMeBlushing.com 3 years, 5 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

Wow. GREAT tips, thank you! I didn't know Vaseline took off eye makeup, I will def have to try that! Also, I agree on the water, so important to drink lots of water for great skin! And of course, great advice on being a good person and smiling, I think a lot of us forget how important that really is. You can be the most beautiful person ever but if you never smile and are ugly on the inside, ultimately that is what people will see! Love you guys!

by ladyboarder9669 3 years, 5 months ago Report as inappropriate | Remove Comment

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