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Add a layer of umbrella cover

At present, protection from the battery point of view, the battery pack before charging part of the traditional chip makers are played most of the programs provided precise control

of charging voltage and charging current role in the over-voltage and over-current control does not provide the appropriate solutions. Thus, the protection of the battery pack is

completely dependent on the battery itself, such as over charge protection, over discharge protection, over-charging current protection, hp pavilion dv5 battery over discharge current protection, thermal

protection and so on.

Protection in place need to prevent the first-level protection IC MOSFET failure or short circuit caused by over-voltage fault, so the second-level protection IC is generally

considered to be the protection of the battery group last line of defense. In this regard, Bump E (O2 Micro) Product Manager Hong Shizhen expressed different views, he believes

that the protection for the battery pack can move forward, additional control functions through the charger to achieve detection and control of battery charging action, which will

undoubtedly further enhance the level of protection, essential to the protection of lithium batteries safe.

To this end, the O2 Micro power management for portable devices developed by Cool Charge solution which combines the one called Cool Battery Technology battery protection

technology, its greatest feature is a traditional chargers generally do not have the OVP (over Voltage Protection) and OCP (Over Current Protection) function of the two battery

protection, the technology has been embedded in them Cool Charge IC chip.

By Cool Charge IC chip, the power charger will largely assume the responsibility to protect the battery. Under the control of the Cool Charge IC chargers, compared with the

traditional design (see Figure 1), the need to significantly reduce external components , eliminating the need for Q3 and Q4 part of the design and reduce the failure rate. In Q1

preserved and Q2 (the original design of improved components) between, Cool Charge IC set up a detection point, through the factory setting, the detection of voltage and

current set points are slightly less than the battery Dell inspiron 1526 battery manufacturers to set safety requirements. Thus, in charging voltage or current exceeds the Cool Charge IC to set the value of

the security after the voltage or current, IC to control the Q2 off, the first battery protection cut off before the charge; from detecting the frequency of view, the battery protection

level detection time interval in milliseconds, and through the chip to detect, can be very easy to implement millionth of a second level, you can use high frequency continuous

detection, in order to achieve the first step of the purpose of protecting the battery pack.

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