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The New Japanese Skin Care You'll Flip For

When it comes to skin care, Asia wipes the floor with the U.S. Women in Japan and Korea follow 20+ step regimens (among other extreme measures) and brands in Asia are known for leading the way in new ingredients and products (do BB creams ring a bell?).   read more


Summer Hair Survival Guide

For all that's great about summer -- the travel, the sun, the pool parties, the excuse to knock back drinks with umbrellas -- there is one major downside for most of us. When the heat and humidity pick up, our hair either turns into a giant, frizzy orb or a limp, greasy mess. Either way, not pretty.   read more


Lifespan Study Says Men Are Wimps

If the "Golden Girls" taught me anything, it's that women live longer than men (and cheesecake is the solution to all problems).   read more


Breaking Beauty News: Costco's New Cosmetics

• Costco's Hipp collaboration. Now you can pick up celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp's nail collection in between scarfing free samples of teriyaki chicken and frozen fajitas. She's selling a 12-piece sample set for just $32.   read more


5 Studies We Can't Stop Talking About

Want to regale your friends with some fascinating trivia this weekend? Brush up on the latest studies everyone will be talking about:   read more


See The Latest Before/After Airbrushing Controversy

If we lived in the UK, we'd totally shop at Debenhams. Not because they have an entire section devoted to "debut dresses" (whatever those are), but because they've pledged to stop Photoshopping images.   read more


This Breakthrough May End Animal Testing in Cosmetics

No matter how much of a beauty buff you are, it's heart-breaking to see those images posted by animal rights activists of bunnies and monkeys in cages undergoing cosmetics testing. So it's a huge relief to find out that researchers at Newcastle University in the UK have found a better way to test new cosmetics ingredients and drugs.   read more


Photoshopped 5-Year-Olds and Pregnant Dudes -- These PSAs Grabbed Our Attention

Public Service Announcements are designed to raise awareness on important issues and spark change. These PSAs definitely win on the "getting our attention" front, but will they inspire change, or just heated debate on their appropriateness? Take a look and weigh in.   read more


Forget Cars and Wallets, Smart Thieves Are Stealing Hair Extensions

Our insatiable desire for perfect hair has spawned a new wave of thievery: People are now robbing beauty supply stores -- often at gunpoint -- and stealing thousands of dollars worth of human hair extensions.   read more


This Is Our Nightmare: Woman Has Extreme Reaction to Routine Facial

Beauty rule No. 1: Never get a new facial treatment before a big event. The reason? If you haven't tried it before, you can't know if your skin will have a bad reaction, like redness or a breakout.   read more


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