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Could Cannabis Be the Next Big Thing in Beauty?

Long gone are the days of Reefer Madness and the concurrent idea that marijuana alone will somehow turn you into a monster or a murderer. First-world society has slowly warmed to the once-vilified drug, first with medical usage, then decriminalization... and now, it's entirely legal for recreational use in Colorado. Progress!   read more


Model Shares Surprising Beauty Tip For Blondes

Eva Herzigova is 40, which means she's outlasted the average model career-span by... nearly double? Not only does she thrive as a veteran in a cutthroat industry that favors youth, but she also doesn't look a day over 25. "Ageless" would be the word, and what does Herzigova have to thank for her enduring beauty but vodka?   read more


The Secret To Online Dating May Be All In The Profile Picture

Even for the most attractive, most well-adjusted singles out there, online dating can be dismal. For every one promising message from a sane-seeming human being, there's ten to fifteen in the vein of "hey how r u cutie?????" from men named John who live 300 miles away. It's enough to make a girl want to give up the game altogether.   read more


Bar Refaeli Instagrams Her Alarming Vampire Facelift

Bar Refaeli is beautiful, but we can hardly bear to look at her in this photo of the Israeli supermodel with blood smeared across her face. While the image alone was probably enough to cause shock and alarm among her Instagram followers, we beauty mavens know better -- Bar wasn't injured or attacked, she just went to get a vampire facial.   read more


Our Social Media Addictions Could Be Destroying Our Skin

We live and breathe social media, enough to know that there are some hazardous downsides to our addictions to our laptops and iPhones -- like, say, antisocial behavior. But what we didn't know, and didn't want to know, is that our technology-heavy habits could also be causing harm to our skin.   read more


Gisele Bundchen Gets a Big Beauty Campaign

Gisele Bundchen has the hair that launched a thousand copycats. Not only is she the queen of city-friendly "beach waves," but if we recall correctly, she also played no small role in the ombre look's stratospheric rise to popularity. Yeah, she's kind of to blame for that period in the last couple of years that saw everyone going lighter on the bottom. Is that over yet?   read more


The Paleo Diet Tops Yearly Trend Reports

We promised we wouldn't start talking about diets again until after the new year, but we've got to start somewhere, and all signs point to Paleo. According to Google's annual trend report, the no-carb, meat-heavy lifestyle was the most-searched diet of 2013. Honestly, we think we know why -- unlike juice cleanses, or the perplexing Dukan diet that was all the rage earlier this year, eating Paleo sounds like something we could actually maintain without starving to death, or worse, sacrificing our social lives.   read more


Kanye West Gave Kim Kardashian a Bizarre Birkin for Christmas

Kanye West definitely has a taste for the finer things in life, and the one-of-a-kind $40,000 Hermes Birkin hand-painted by contemporary artist George Condo he gave baby mama and fiancee Kim Kardashian for Christmas is no different. It's expensive, highfalutin, and difficult to parse -- all things that Yeezy loves. It's also very ugly, and not safe for work, or the eyes of children. It's ballsy for Kim to even go around carrying it in public. There are nipples involved!   read more


This New App Makes Shopping the Sales a Breeze

When December 26th rolls around, and the items we purchased full-price just days before drop to staggeringly low prices, we wonder why we even bothered shopping before the holidays. Post-holiday sales are a glorious thing... and yes, they're a little frustrating, too. But if you prepared ahead of time with Hukkster's new in-store app, you could be in for a real treat.   read more


Photoshopped Image Of Curvy Barbie Sparks Debate

Barbie dolls amount to little more than jointed pieces of plastic with a wig on top, but that small fact hasn't spared Mattel's most popular creation from becoming a hot-button point of interest in regards to body image. Barbie's unrealistically long, slender limbs and wide-spaced features are often cited as exactly what's wrong with toys intended for young girls.   read more


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